Destiny is Permanent even though plans may change!

            Every man born of a woman already has an end even before he was conceived. Every man has a purpose for which God created him into this world. This purpose I am talking about here is strictly analogous to, or symmetrical with what is called “Destiny”.

            What then is destiny? Destiny, simply put, is the fulfilment of a divine purpose in the life of a man. Destiny is a reason why a thing exist. In other words, destiny is the finished line of the race that we are running.

              You have a destination and a finished line of the race you are running on this earth. No matter your mistakes, no matter how you change your plans, and no matter how you alter your agendas in life, your destiny remains intact. God will not condemn you nor cancel nor change your destiny because of your mistakes. But you must be careful not to make wrong decisions. Your decisions could either make or mar your destiny.

            Just move on. Do not allow yourself to be detered, demotivated, demoralized, nor distracted by critics and perssimists around you. Keep away from those who do not believe it can be done. Stay aloof from people who write you off and those who do not believe in your dreams. Do not even tell your dreams to people. Remember the story of Joseph, the son of Jacob in the Bible. Even Jacob his father was not happy his son dreamt of becoming great. This is better imagined.

              You can succeed if no one else believe in you. But you cannot succeed if you don’t belive in yourself. Do not harken to critics and do not allow yourself to be let down by detractors. Remember, sticks and stones are thrown at fruit bearing trees. Criticisms always serve as a springboard for elevation. Opposition is meant for upliftment. I am a typical epitome of an individual whom criticism had lifted so high in life.

               My dear friends, go out there and achieve the impossible and fulfil your destiny. Nothing is impossible. The impossible is the untried!

Joel Odaudu (Minister)

Nigerian Shippers’ Council,

Corporate Headquarters,

#4, Park Lane,

Apapa,  Lagos,




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