The Power and Principles of Destiny.

              Destiny is the ultimate end of a thing. Destiny is “established purpose”. In other words, destiny is the final address of your life. Put differently, destiny is the finished line of the race that you are running. Destiny is the desired result, that is, the result that is desired by a source. Destiny is the predetermined end of a thing. Destiny is the reason for existence. When you discover a reason why a thing exists, it then becomes its destiny.

           Every man needs vision to discover his destiny. You need to see beyond what you are today, to what you can be tomorrow in order to reach the finished line of the race that you are running. Destiny is the established end of a thing, while vision is when you see your destiny. In essence, vision is a glimpse of your destiny. All the vision you have actually exist, it’s only that you haven’t reached it yet. No matter how big or great your vision is, Know that God wants you to fulfil it, and that accounts for why he shown it to you. Vision is destiny in pictures. God would not allow you to see where you cannot go. God cannot show you what does not exist.  Your vision is a glimpse of your future, and a photograph of your destiny.

              My dear reader, refute what I am about to say here if it is not true. One fact is that at times, when you see your destiny, you don’t believe it! Why? It’s because it’s so great! Your vision is a picture of your end. That is why your dreams are always bigger than your pocket book, and that also accounts for why your vision is always bigger than your finances. Your poor background cannot limit you. Whether you have a poor background, your dream is always bigger than your birth place. Just forget about the fact that you come from a remote village. Remember, Christ was born in a manger, but that was the King of the world in a manger! It doesn’t matter where you come from or how small you are. That cannot limit you in life. In the words of John Johnson, “Men and women are not limited by the place of their birth, nor by the colour of their skin, but by the size of their hope.  As a matter of fact, God will always plant big dreams in small places.

              My dear, you need to think big and imagine great things! Vision is a picture of your destiny, a dream is when you experience a piece of your destiny. Your imagination plays a monumental and pivotal role in your life. Listen friends, God gave man the gift of imagination so that he could visit his destiny, come back to the present, and make plans to go there. So your dream and your passion to impact the world is from God. Destiny is permanent, but plans may change. Even though your plans changes, your purpose is permanent. God will never cancel your destiny because of your mistakes. He will always use them to be part of your testimony in the future only if you trust and rely on him. Your reliance on God in your race in life will make him transform all your stumbling stones into stepping stones; your obstacles into miracles; and your trials into testimonies.

            Imbibe these five principles of destiny:

(1)  Whatever God calls for, he provides for;

(2)  Whatever God demands, he supplies;

(3)  Whatever God expects from you, he injects in you;

(4)  Whatever God assigns, he designs; and

(5)  Whatever God calls out of you, he puts in you.

      Therefore, your destiny is a revelation of your ability, and your dream given to you by God is equal to your capacity to fulfil it. For example, God gave birds the destiny to fly, so God built flight into the birds. God gave fish the destiny to swim, so God put swim in the fish. God gave seeds the destiny to bring forth trees, so God put a tree in the seed. So whatever God calls you to do, he has put inside of you. Your purpose determines your potential, your dream determines your ability, while your responsibility determines your capacity.

                God will not allow you to see where you cannot go. He will not allow any situation you cannot  cope with to befall you. Your vision is what you see yourself to be. I saw myself writing books. You cannot achieve what you cannot see. I saw myself being an owner of big businesses in my country and beyond. You cannot achieve what you cannot see. I saw myself riding big exotic cars. You cannot achieve what you cannot see. I saw myself flying my own personal aircraft. You cannot achieve what you cannot see. I saw myself building monumental edifices in my country. You cannot achieve what you cannot see. I saw myself as a Philanthropist, establishing people and helping them to succeed. You cannot achieve what you cannot see. I saw myself catering for the poor and the needy. You cannot achieve what you cannot see. All these are not a figment of my imagination, but a picture of my future that will surely come to stay by the power of God almighty. God gave man the gift of imagination so that he could visit his destiny, come back to the present, and make plans to go there. It is categorically portrayed in the book of Ephesians 3:20, that I am able to do exceeding, more abundantly, than I can ever think or imagine according to the power that worketh within me! This simply means that there is power in one’s imagination; and if he works hard by making a proper utilization of the potentials within him, he will be able to make his imaginations crystalize and fulfil his dreams. That is why I’ve come to believe that the greatest gift God ever gave man is not the gift of sight, but the gift of imagination, the gift of vision, because sight is a function of the eyes, but vision is a function of the heart. The greatest enemy of your vision is your eyes. You have to see farther than your eyes can look. I have come to conclude that I will never trust  my eyes, because the greatest enemy of vision is sight. No wonder the Bible says, if you are just, you walk by faith, not by sight. Destiny is already established. Vision is when you see it. You can never see your destiny with your eyes. The best way to see your destiny is to close your eyes and follow the Holy Spirit.

                  Your destiny will always be bigger than your present resources. When your vision is from God, it will always frighten you. If you are not afraid of your vision, then it is not from God. If your vision is too big that you cannot fulfil it without God, then it is not from God. Therefore, the fear of the sight of your vision is evidence that it is from God.

                    My dear friends, I admonish and encourage you to go out there and achieve the impossible. Nothing is impossible. The impossible is the untried.

 Do not just sit still and expect your vision to crystalize. Remember the words of Zig Ziglar, “Sitting still and making wishes makes no man great. The good Lord brings in the fishes, but you must dig the bait”. Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice; it is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved. Tap the untapped, and release the reservoir. See you at the top!


Joel Odaudu Minister,

Nigerian Shippers’ Council,

Corporate Headquarters,

#4 Park Lane,



Mobile: 08038347495, 08076308120.


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