About Joel Odaudu (Minister).

Bound To Be Great.

Bound To Be Great.

Born in Trans-Amadi, Port Harcourt, Rivers State to the family of Mr & Mrs. Daniel Odaudu, Joel Odaudu hail from Ofakaga 1, in Ofu Local Government Area, Kogi State. He attended Military Cantonment Primary School, Ikeja; LGEA/Q.I.C. Primary School, Ofakaga 1; and Community Secondary School, Ejule. He bagged a (B.Sc.) Degree (Second Class Upper, with a total CGPA of 4.47/5.00) in Political Science from Usman Danfodio University, Sokoto, where he graduated as the “Best Graduating Student” in the Department in 2007.

His interactive rapport with highly experienced elders, close proximity, and intimacy of contact with think tanks of intelligentsia in divergent fields of knowledge, has gone a long way in broadening his socio-economic cum political horizon.

His penchant and passion for societal and people’s development, motivating people, and leading them towards achieving specific positive goals and objectives has fetched him divergent leadership roles. He has served in diverse leadership positions, ranging from ecclesiastical to socio-political leadership roles. He was President, Periscope Press Club, Community Secondary School, Ejule (1999-2000); President, Youth For Christ Fellowship, United Evangelical Church, Ofakaga 1 (2000-2002); Students’ Representative, DDK Computer Technology & Training Institute, Lokoja (2003); Honourable Member, Congress Representative Council (NAPSS-CRC), Usman Danfodio University, Sokoto (2004-2005); Deputy Speaker, NAPSS-CRC, UDU Sokoto, (2005-2006); Publicity Secretary, Redeemed Christian Fellowship (2005-2006); Chairman, Bulleting and Intellectual Development Committee, Department of Political Science, UDU Sokoto, (2006-2007); current leader and general coordinator, NYSC Community Development Service (CDS) Group, Ikeja II LGA, Lagos State. Joel is the President and Founder of the nascent New Frontiers Foundation (Nigeria) which (for now), is his highest profile and most challenging role. Communication, research, and networking served as a springboard to launch him to the pedestal in which he is at present. The young Joel is currently driving the NFF (Nigeria) Project alongside a body of multifaceted and multidimensional geniuses from across the various communities that make up the Igala kingdom.

His vision is to become a philanthropist, catering for the needy, establishing people, helping them to succeed, live their dreams, and fulfill God’s purpose in their lives. His ultimate ambition is to become a solution to the problems of people and the society.

Joel is a communicator, motivator, a raconteur & compere, team player, intrinsically humorous and compassionate. He is impatient with negative thinking and negative acting people.  He enjoys reading, blogging, traveling, research and development, browsing the internet, watching football, listening to music, news, and current affairs. He is currently a Consultant and an Affiliate Business Development Officer in Generis Universal Tactical Solutions, Ikeja, Lagos. Joel’s most outstanding virtue is veracity.


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